Our Story

My name is Tillie Zhou and I’m the owner of this little custom guitar workshop. I have been working in this industry for more than 10 years after graduating college. One of the first questions I often get asked is “how did you get into this business?”

 So, I was born in a small village in China, which was surrounded by a mountains and large forests.  I still remember my parents would leave me and my little sister staying home for days when I was 10 ys old. After some time, they would come back with a truck load of tree trunks and would then start working on them to produce finished wood products.  My sister and I were often playing on the long planks of wood and used to have the best wooden block toy set in the village. I guess this started my special connection with wood.

After completing my international business studies degree, I interviewed for my first job with a guitar factory in Beijing and instantly felt attracted to it. The sound of the finished guitar was literally music to my ears. It seemed the guitar business had opportunities to use my education and also allowed me to enjoy my newly found love for guitars.

After a few years I decided to branch out on my own and started my own guitar workshop with some of the craftsmen in my hometown.  My team is building the guitars and I do the advertising, manage the website, do the photography and of course help customers design and specify their own custom guitar.

My team and I have a passion for this work and enjoy building outstanding quality guitars satisfying musicians all over the world.  We can work with almost all budgets to provide you with your ideal guitar.

We want your custom Byron guitar to give you a lifetime of pleasure and then some! Working with premium domestic and exotic woods and the finest materials; most of our guitars have been carefully designed in collaboration with the customer and crafted to exacting specifications to ensure that the finished custom guitar is both visually and tonally wonderful.


Byron Custom Guitar Origin